TDG: Plan for bond private placement

  The Board resolution dated March 16, 2023, the Board of Directors of TDG GLOBAL Investment Joint Stock Company approved the plan to issue bonds in the private placement in 2023 with details as follows:

-          Issuer: TDG GLOBAL Investment Joint Stock Company

-          Issuance volume: 400 bonds

-          Total value of issuance: VND40,000,000,000

-          Term: 03 years

-          Par value: VND100,000,000/bond

-          Bond stock: TDGH2326001

-          Issue price: 100%par value

-          Bond type: non-convertible bond, unsecured and without warrant

-          Bond form: book entry

-          Interest rate: 13.7%/year

-          Interest rate payment term: Once every month

-          Estimated issue tome: Quarter 1/2023

-          Consulting company: APG Securities Joint Stock Company




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