SMC: BOD resolution dated March 24, 2023

The Board resolution dated March 24, 2023, the BOD of SMC Trading Investment Joint Stock Company approved the following issues:

  1. Approved the business result according to the audited financial statement in 2022:

-          Revenue:               23,182 billion dongs

-          Profit after tax:      (651.8) billion dongs

  1. Approved the contents of the Annual General Meeting 2023:

-          Report on the business result in 2022 and business plan for 2023

-          Report of the Supervisory Board in 2022

-          Audited financial statements in 2022;

-          Remuneration of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Executive Board in 2023 and plan for 2023

-          Plan for dividend payment in 2023

-          Change in business line

-          Selection of the auditor for the financial statements in 2023

-          Other issues.

  1. The appointment of Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Y Nhi – Vice Chairman as the person in charge of Corporate Governance and Authorized Person to disclose information of the Company to replace Mr. Nguyen Binh Trong from March 24, 2023.




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