Quang Ngai province to focus on development

The new mission of Quang Ngai province is to become the growth pole of the central region and significantly contribute to the development of the country.


Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung, chairman of the Provincial Planning Appraisal Council, emphasised Quang Ngai's vision at a conference appraising the planning of the province for the 2021-2030 period, held on March 16.

According to the province's report, the GRDP scale of Quang Ngai province in 2020 reached $3.58 billion, ranking fifth among nine provinces in the central coastal area. Industry plays a key role, particularly oil refining, and steel manufacturing. The province's economic structure is not diversified and is dependent on a few large enterprises.

Quang Ngai is currently a large province in basic industrial production, but a small province in terms of trade and services, especially tourism. The industrial development infrastructure system of the province is gradually improving, especially Dung Quat Economic Zone with its deep-water port.

Conference on appraising the planning of Quang Ngai province for the 2021-2030 period

Despite having a good starting point, growth has become slow. During 2011-2015, the average growth rate was 8.4 per cent per year, but during 2016 - 2020, it decreased to 4.87 per cent, among the three lowest provinces in the region.

Besides this, the spillover effect of dynamic regions to other areas and of key industries is still limited. Industry linkages and business connections in industrial zones are still weak, with a poor regional linkage. The trade-service-tourism industry is below its potential and has not yet built a brand.

"Are we too dependent on Dung Quat, on oil and steel manufacturing? Many problems have to be solved. Quang Ngai has to restructure industries, and not be too dependent on Dung Quat Economic Zone, on oil refinery or a steel plant," the minister said.

He also asked Quang Ngai to utilise all economic links with Quang Nam and Binh Dinh, especially with Chu Lai Economic Zone.

"The two economic zones next to each other should create a close connection to become a large industrial complex of the country," Minister Dung said. "The planning for 2021-2030 is a chance for Quang Ngai to "rearrange its development space, find new factors in the current new context, determine to reposition itself, point out bottlenecks and find out new motivations for development."

"Resolutions and the approved National Master Plan have assigned Quang Ngai a new mission to become the growth pole of the central region. The mission, role, and position of Quang Ngai are enough special to make a worthy contribution to this dynamic region, and contribute to the general development of the country," he said.

Chairman of Quang Ngai People's Committee Dang Van Minh said that the planning of Quang Ngai province has developed three development scenarios: "development towards multicentre; development towards comprehensive industrialisation; and development towards harmony and sustainability."

"Through analysis and consideration of economic, social, and environmental factors, Quang Ngai chooses to develop in a harmonious and sustainable direction, so that the average growth rate in 2021-2030 is expected to be 7.25-8.25 per cent," said Minh.

Moreover, by 2030, Quang Ngai is targeted to be a well-developed province of the country with a per capita income (at least) equal to the national average, and an an industrial province with two main industries of petrochemical refining and steel metallurgy.

"By 2050, Quang Ngai will be a sustainable and diversified province with green and high-tech industries concentrated in industrial parks and clusters," the chairman said.


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