Firm in central Vietnam exports 2mn breeding shrimps to Taiwan

Duong Hung Mien Trung JSC based in Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam has shipped two million white-leg breeding shrimp to Taiwan.


The parents of these shrimp were imported from Hawaii with a fast growth pace and strong disease resistance.

The export affirms the quality of breeding shrimp of Vietnam and a stride in the development of the local shrimp breeding sector and the integration into the international market.

Under a contract with its partner, the company will export some 20 million breeding shrimp to Taiwan in 2023.

This is good news for Quang Nam Province’s fishing and agriculture as a whole.

Duong Hung Mien Trung owns a 4.5-hectare shrimp breeding farm and auxiliary facilities covering four hectares.

The shrimp breeding facility annually produces five billion post-larvae shrimp units.

With more than 30 years of producing breeding shrimp with 114 breeding farms, Duong Hung Mien Trung has distributed shrimp breeds nationwide through its 32 offices.

A leader of the company said it sets a target to establish large shrimp breeding centers applying the most advanced technology in the northern, central, and southern regions and two to three units to provide various shrimp breeds in other countries.

The company will seek opportunities to export its breeding shrimp to other markets, in addition to Taiwan.


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