KONE Vietnam and Hung Thinh Corporation enhance smart and sustainable cities

KONE Vietnam – the strategic arm of one of the leading players in the elevator and escalator industry KONE Corporation – has signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Hung Thinh Corporation to stimulate technological innovation in the development of smart and sustainable cities to improve urban life in Vietnam.

According to the recent partnership, KONE Vietnam will become Hung Thinh Corporation’s strategic provider of elevators, escalators, and digital maintenance services.

Advanced products such as the KONE DX class elevator, with built-in digital connectivity features through cloud computing and an open application programming interface, will advance the experience of daily life through Hung Thinh’s projects.

Hung Thinh also prioritises using other KONE solutions for low-rise projects such as villas and shophouses. A highlight among KONE’s various products and technologies for this sector is the 24/7 connected service featuring smart connections with digital equipment such as mobiles and service robots and predictive maintenance capabilities based on AI.

Furthermore, KONE will provide professional consultancy for Hung Thinh on people flow traffic to assist the real estate developer to build a more efficient operation system inside each building, minimise energy loss, and deliver an eco-friendly and state-of-the-art lifestyle for the communities.

In his opening remarks at the signing ceremony, Bas Degeling, managing director of KONE Vietnam stated, “Building on KONE's strengths in enhancing its people flow solutions, our cutting-edge digital products and solutions integrated with Hung Thinh Corporation’s ambitious projects will help improve the building performance and operations, create a smooth and unique user experience, and contribute to the development of sustainable smart cities in Vietnam.”

Degeling added, “Today's strategic cooperation signing ceremony marks the beginning of our long-term cooperation, promoting the advantages of the two sides and strongly demonstrating KONE's strategy of sustainable success with customers.”

Through this strategic cooperation, KONE Vietnam and Hung Thinh will jointly address various projects for their long-term plan to create and popularise the concept of smart cities and sustainable development.

Hung Thinh Corporation's president Nguyen Dinh Trung said, “With the goal of bringing high-class smart cities closer to Vietnamese customers, we highly regard this long-term strategic partnership with KONE Vietnam. Through our practical efforts, we aim to ensure international standards in user safety and convenience in every one of Hung Thinh's projects. The partnership will resonate our combined strengths to actualise the ultimate goal of improving living standards and ensuring sustainable socioeconomic and environmental development in Vietnam.”

Through this strategic cooperation, KONE Vietnam and Hung Thinh will jointly address various projects for their long-term plan to create and popularise the concept of smart cities and sustainable development.

As the first act after the agreement, Hung Thinh appointed KONE as the supply contractor to design, install, and maintain KONE elevators and escalators in Hung Thinh’s projects.

Tropical Wonder MerryLand Quy Nhon – an upscale tourism and resort project located on the Hai Giang peninsula in the southcentral coastal province of Binh Dinh with a scale of 695 hectares and investment value reaching several dozen million dollars – will be the first project to make these commitments a reality.

In light of the government’s Sustainable Smart City Development in Vietnam for the period 2018-2025 plan, smart city development is deemed to be one of the three core pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Leveraging its geographical advantages and potential, Binh Dinh province is transforming rapidly into a development spearhead of Vietnam’s central region.

In this, focusing on infrastructure construction to enhance the emerging ecosystem of residential areas, industrial centres, tourism hotspots, and seaports, developing smart and sustainable cities plays a critical role as the launch pad for major breakthroughs in this province in the near future.

As a pioneer in forming smart and sustainable cities for Europe and around the world, Finland has offered in-depth expertise and practical experience for more than a century.

In this regard, KONE Corporation – a prominent representative with many leading initiatives for smart people flow – has contributed to transporting more than a billion people smoothly and efficiently every day for more than 112 years.

In 2021, KONE achieved annual sales of $10.7 billion and by the end of the year employed over 60,000 staff members.

With a track record of over 20 years, Hung Thinh Group is a major real estate developer in the southern region.

The company has owned and developed a pipeline of 56 diverse projects across the country with high a commitment to quality and value.

With up to 3,300h hectares in strategic locations, Hung Thinh Land serves the needs of more than 100,000 residents. This year marks a new milestone for the company as it steps into the luxury real estate sector, maintaining its aim to create prosperous and sustainable communities.


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