SSB: Board resolution on results of public offering

According to the Board resolution dated November 22, 2021, the Board of Directors of Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank approved the following issues:

1)      Results of the share offering to the existing shareholders:

-          Offering volume: 136,000,000 shares

-          Offering volume to the existing shareholders according to the exercise ratio: 135,997,718 shares (excluding fractional shares)

-          Number of fractional shares after the distribution of rights: 2,282 shares

-          Number of shares registered to buy and paid by shareholders until November 10, 2021: 133,043,917 shares, equivalent to VND1,995,658,755,000.

-          Number of undistributed shares: 2,953,801 shares.

2)      Plan for fractional shares and undistributed shares:

-          The Company’s Labor Union will use the bonus and welfare fund to buy and manage 2,282 shares at VND15,000/share. Payment time: before 15:00, November 26, 2021.

-          The undistributed shares will continue to be distributed to other investors:

  • Number of shares need to be distributed: 2,953,801 shares
  • Offering price: VND15,000/share
  • Payment amount: VND44,307,015,000
  • Transfer restriction period: 01 year from the completion date of the offering
  • Payment time: before 15:00, November 26, 2021.


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