SRF: Result of stock issuance for dividend payment

Seaprodex Refrigeration Industry Corporation announces the result of stock issuance for dividend payment to existing shareholders as follows:

    I.                        Information on stock:

1)      Stock name: Seaprodex Refrigeration Industry Corporation

2)      Stock type: common share

3)      Stock code: SRF

4)      Par value: 10,000 dongs/share

5)      Number of shares issued: 32,495,397 shares

6)      Number of outstanding shares: 30,715,397 shares

7)      Number of treasury shares: 1,780,000 shares

8)      Number of shares expected to be issued: 3,071,539 shares

9)      Exercise ratio: 10:1 (Those who own 10 shares will receive 01 new share.)

10)  Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will be rounded down to units, the fractional shares (if any) will be cancelled.

11)  Ending date: September 07, 2021

12)  Time for transferring shares: expected in or October 2021.

 II.                        Result:

1)      Number of distributed shares: 3,071,383 shares; Of which:

-           Number of distributed shares to shareholders: 3,071,383 shares for 706 shareholders;

-          Number of fractional shares: 0 share

2)      Total shares after the issuance (September 07, 2021): 35,566,780 shares; Of which:

-          Number of outstanding shares: 33,786,780 shares

Number of treasury shares:  1,780,000 shares.


SRF 13,050 -50 -0.38%

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