VN sixth-largest supplier of bananas to RoK

Viet Nam was the sixth-largest supplier of bananas to the Republic of Korea (RoK) during the first five months of the year, according to the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).


The country exported 2,900 tonnes of banana worth US$2.3 million, an annual increase of 13.6 per cent in volume and 48.3 per cent in value, the Voice of Viet Nam (VOV) has said citing KITA’s figures.

The RoK imported a total of 155,300 tonnes of bananas valued at $131.5 million throughout the period, up 3.4 per cent in volume and 8 per cent in value year-on-year.

Bananas remain a popular fruit in the RoK, although they must be imported due to unfavourable local farming conditions.


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