TDP: Board resolution on stock dividend payment

The Board of Directors of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company approved to implement a plan for the 2020 dividend payment as follows:

−        Stock name: Stock of Thuan Duc Joint Stock Company

−        Stock type: common stock

−        Par value: VND10,000/share

−        Total issued volume: 53,759,837 shares

−        Outstanding volume: 53,759,837 shares

−        Treasury shares: 0 shares

−        Estimated issue volume: 6,451,180 shares

−        Total issue value: VND64,511,800,000

−        Issue ratio: 12% 

−        Financial resource: the undistributed after-tax profit in the 2020 audited consolidated financial statements

−        Plan to deal with fractional shares: The shares newly issued to shareholders will be rounded down to units. The fractional shares (if any) will be cancelled.

For example, on the record date, shareholder A owns 115 shares. Shareholder A will receive: 115 x 12% = 13.8 shares. After rounded down, the real number of shares shareholder A receives will be 13 shares. The fractional part (0.8) will be cancelled.

−        Issue date: in 2021, after the State Securities Commission approves.  


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