OCB: Board resolution on stock dividend payment

The Board of Directors of Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank approved to implement a plan for dividend payment as follows:

−        Stock name: Stock of Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank

−        Stock code: OCB

−        Stock type: common stock

−        Par value: VND10,000/share

−        Listing volume: 1,095,906,343 shares

−        Outstanding volume: 1,095,906,343 shares

−        Treasury shares: 0 shares

−        Estimated issue volume: 273,976,585 shares

−        Total issue value: VND2,739,765,850,000

−        Issue ratio: 25% on the outstanding volume

−        Exercise ratio: 4:1 (those who own 01 share will receive 01 right, and with every 04 rights will receive 01 new share) 

−        Plan to deal with fractional shares: The shares newly issued to shareholders will be rounded down to units. The fractional shares (if any) will be distributed to the human resource development fund managed by OCB’s Labor Union.

−        Issue date: in 2021.




OCB 28,300 -250 -0.88%

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