VHM11801: The record date for the 5th bond interest payment

HOSE announces the record date as follows:

-          Listed firm:           Vinhomes Joint Stock Company

-          Bond symbol:        VHM11801

-          Bond type:            corporate bond

-          Par value:              100,000 VND/bond

-          Ex-right date:        January 19, 2021

-          Record date:          January 19, 2021

-          Reason & purpose : to made the five bond interest payment (From and inclusive of the date of August 02, 2020 to and exclusive of the date of February 02, 2021)

-          Interest rate:          10.25%/year

-          Payment amount: VND5,167.123 per bond

-          Payment date:       February 02, 2021

-          Place of payment:

  • For the bondholders whose bonds have been deposited, they will fulfill procedure to receive interest at the securities firms where the bonds have been deposited.
  • For the bondholders whose bonds have not been deposited, the bond interest will be paid to their accounts as registered with Techcom Securities Company Limited on February 02, 2021.




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