New shopping mall charges-up with ABB EV fast chargers

AEON Mall in Hai Phong city,Vietnam, offers an unrivalled retail experience to customers and residents,now having access to ABB’s EV chargersfor fast and efficient charging.

The multi-million-dollar AEON Mall Hai Phong Le Chan is the sixth mall developed and operated by Aeon and aimsto offera uniqueall-in-one retail, food and entertainment destination, within a contemporary setting. The mall also features the latestsmart facilitiesto improve the overall experience and boost sustainable transport in the region.

New shopping mall charges-up with ABB EV fast chargers

Over the next decade, ongoing urbanization is expected to change lifestyle and boost consumption trends in urban areas and large cities such as Hai Phong, the third largest city of Vietnam.

The city is set to become a major trade gateway and growth center in Northern Vietnam with an infrastructure boom, incentives to transform its industrial landscape, and its strategic position as the North’s largest deep-sea port Initiatives are in place to improve current transportation and look to new e-mobility options, along with use of new, renewable and low greenhouse gas emission energy sources.

The new shopping mall aims to support local development byblendinggreen, clean and beautiful spaces with design cues from Japanese culture. With a capacity up to 1,700 cars, AEON Mall Hai Phong Le Chan will offer patrons free, fast charging stations for electric cars with ABB’sTerra 54 CJG and Terra DC wallbox chargers.

Terra 54 CJG, ABB’s most sold charging station in Europe and North America, is the all-in-one electric vehicle charging solution. This 50 kW DC chargerserves fast charging needs and can provide a quick "refill" adding 100km in as little as 25 minutes parking while patrons take advantage of the mall’s facilities.

Supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and AC functionality, Terra 54 CJG enables continuous charging at full 50 kW at 150 – 500 V.Enabling either DC or AC charging, or both at the same time Terra 54 CJG can help reduce the investment cost for the customer. The charger complies with all relevant international standards and ensures safe operation at residential, office, retail and petrol station locations.

ABB Terra DC wallboxoffers fast charging while meeting the highest safety standards, ABB’sTerra DC wallbox is proven in independent certification tests worldwide and is a safe and reliable charging solution for both residential and commercial use.

The Terra DC wallbox comprises an intuitive interface with a user-friendly 7-inch color touch screen and easy-reach cables for convenient parking and charging. The 24kW DC wallbox with ultra-compact footprint enables flexibility in installation to serve a variety of site conditions.

“Our new AEON Mall will be the latestattraction which aims to create a more vibrant lifestyle for residents of the bustling Hai Phong city and surrounding areas. We choose ABB’s chargers based on itsreputation for innovative charging solutions in the world. We look forward tocontinuingtocontribute to the sustainable development for thelocal community”,said Mr. Nakagawa Tetsuyuki – General Director of AEON Mall Vietnam.

According to Deloitte, Vietnam is expected to become the third largest urban market in terms of consumers and fifth largest in terms of total spend in Southeast Asia by 2030. Vietnam has maintained consistent economic growth on the back of robust and resilient economic development. With increasing disposable incomes, rapid urbanization coupled with population growth and rising living standards, Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging economies in the Southeast Asia region.

“In the context of rapid urbanization, Vietnam needsnew solutions to help its cities develop sustainably. Clean mobilitysolutions in public places such as shopping malls will play an essential role in improving the urban environment. We are delighted to co-operate with the AEON Mall Vietnamto deliver a new customer experience through intelligent infrastructure as well as to enable a lifestyle that is eco-friendly in Hai Phong city”, Said Noel Hupont, Country Managing Director, Head of Electrification Business, ABB Vietnam.

ABB entered the EV-charging market in 2010, and to date has sold more than 17,000 ABB DC fast chargers across 80 countries. Its commitment to driving progress in e-mobility is shown most clearly through the title partnership with the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, which is about to enter its fourth season.

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