DNP: Notice of record date for share issue to outstanding shareholders

1. Issuer: DongNai Plastic Construction JSC
2. Stock code: DNP
3. Par value: VND10,000/share
4. Record date: 30/09/2020
5. Ex-date: 29/09/2020
6. Reason:
     * Share issue to outstanding shareholders:
          - Number of shares to be issued: 9,999,972
          - Exercise rate: 10:1 (Shareholders who own 01 share are entitled to 01 right, 10 rights are entitled to buy 1 new share)
          - Issue price: VND 20,698/share
          - Rounding method: Number of shares received will be rounded down to units digit. 
          - For odd lot shares and undistributed shares: Odd shares (if any) and unsold shares will be distributed to other subjects under a decision of Board of Director and price will not be lower than VND 20,698/share. Redistributed shares are restricted to transfer in year from a finish date of the issue.
          - Blocked account:
               + Account name: DongNai Plastic Construction JSC
               + Bank name: Vietinbank – Bien Hoa Industrial Zone branch
               + Account number: 116002859187
          - Stock type: free to transfer. Shareholders in transferring limit status can still  buy shares at this issue. Treasury shares are not exercised rights. 
          - Time for transfer of purchase rights:
               + Start date: 08/10/2020
               + End date: 27/10/2020
          - Time for registration:
               + Start date: 08/10/2020
               + End date: 30/10/2020
          - Exercise Place:
               + For undeposited shares: head office of DongNai Plastic Construction JSC
               + For deposited shares: securities companies where shares of shareholders have been deposited 
          - Times for transfer of share purchase rights: 01


DNP 18,200 0 %
VND 15,600 -400 -2.50%

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