SVC: Stock issuance to raise capital

 Saigon General Service Corporation announces the information on stock issuance to raise capital from the owner’s equity as follows:

-         Stock name: Saigon General Service Corporation

-         Stock type: common share

-         Par value: 10,000 dongs/share

-         Number of shares issued: 24,995,573 shares

-         Number of outstanding shares: 24,975,507 shares

-         Number of treasury shares: 20,066 shares

-         Number of shares expected to be issued: 8,325,169 shares

-         Total value (based on par value): VND 83,251,690,000

-         Issue ratio: 3:1 (shareholder who owns 03 shares will receive 01 new share.)

-         Record date: August 20, 2020

-         Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will not be rounded down, the fractional shares will be cancelled.

-         For example: At the record date, shareholder A owned 19 shares. With 3:1 performing ratio, the shareholder A will receive: 19 * 1/3 =6.33 shares. According to rounding policy, the shareholder A receives 06 new shares and fractional shares of 0.33 will be cancelled.


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