Future of local derivatives market bright with Japanese fintech

Prioritising localism while fully applying the advantages of education and international experience, Golden FX Link Capital – with the cooperation of Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia – last year invited provincial governors and deputy governors to hold large-scale roadshows in all of Cambodia’s provinces.

These were aimed at highlighting the importance of derivatives trading and the investment opportunities available in the derivatives market.

Through these roadshows, we were able to inform and increase investment knowledge of more than 3,000 people.

Golden FX Link Capital also invited a Japanese expert with 40 years of experience in the financial industry to establish a fintech – financial technology – department.

Our fintech department aims to introduce Japanese technologies – such as the Expert Advisor derivatives trading platform and artificial intelligence – as well as provide the know-how to wisely manage the investment funds of Cambodian investors.

Since then it has conducted numerous educational workshops at our office, and we can through such grassroots activities steadily nurture Cambodian investors and sustainably foster the Kingdom’s derivatives market.

Our fintech department will continue to be a bridge between Cambodia and Japan to spur vigorous economic activity.

It is our mission to provide Cambodian investors with not only the professional standards of Japan, but also the world.

Consequently, we have commenced with our plan to, among others, publish the first Derivatives Trading for Cambodians textbook for professional trading skills provision, which is written in Khmer for clear understanding.

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