Gasoline prices likely to edge up tomorrow

Local gasoline prices are projected to increase slightly tomorrow, January 15, following a price increase late last month.


Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade show that the average prices of RON92 and RON 95 gasoline in Singapore were US$73 and US$76, respectively, up 0.5%-1% over the previous fuel price adjustment, news site VnExpress reported.

An executive of a fuel trading company in HCMC noted that gasoline prices may edge up by an additional VND50-VND100 per liter if the competent agencies leave the fuel price stabilization fund untapped. Otherwise, the prices may remain unchanged.

On December 31 last year, the price of each liter of RON95 petrol was raised by VND104, while that of bio-fuel E5 petrol increased by VND152. The prices of kerosene, diesel oil and heavy fuel oil also went up by VND569, VND528 and VND562, respectively, per liter or kilogram.


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