National goods booth launched on ecommerce platforms

The E-Commerce and Digital Economy Agency, under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, on December 2 inaugurated a booth for national products on ecommerce platforms in Vietnam, alongside announcing various promotional programs on Online Friday 2019, an online shopping day in Vietnam, on December 6.

The national goods booth was established by the agency and two local ecommerce platforms, Sendo and Voso, owned by Viettel Post Corporation.

Dang Hoang Hai, head of the agency, noted that this is the first time a national booth has been placed on ecommerce platforms. The booth is expected to become a convergent site for Vietnam’s brands and high quality products that are guaranteed in terms of quality and safety by the ministry.

Besides this, cross-border ecommerce activities are set to take place in late December through the national goods booth on ecommerce platforms operated by foreign countries, to support Vietnamese exporters.

Hai stated that the agency had signed a cooperation agreement with China’s ecommerce firm, one of the largest shareholders of Vietnam’s ecommerce platform, to foster Vietnamese goods exports on this ecommerce platform. is China’s second-largest ecommerce firm, after Alibaba.

Ten of Vietnam’s leading brands, including TH True Milk, Sao Thai Duong, Vinacacao and Viettel Post, are joining the national goods booth on global ecommerce platforms, according to the agency.

The representative of the agency pointed out that local manufacturers who wish to participate in the program can contact the agency to register for the sale of products through the booth on both domestic and foreign ecommerce platforms.

Local firms and Vietnamese products will be selected for participation based on quality criteria and the demands of importing markets.

Online Friday 2019 is expected to bring together over 1,000 brands showcasing more than 50,000 products whose prices will be reduced by up to 70%. Transactions on ecommerce platforms on Online Friday 2019 will be handled in three major cities: Hanoi, HCMC and Danang.


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