Ministry acts to ensure adequate pork supply

The Ministry of Industry and Trade over the past few months has proposed solutions to the prime minister to stabilize the local market in the lead up to the upcoming Tet holiday early next year, including importing safe pork from other countries amid the severe pork undersupply.


In proposals sent to the prime minister, the ministry suggested provincial and municipal governments direct the relevant departments to jointly take steps to ensure the adequate supply of essential products, particularly pork.

Border provinces must tighten control over the crossborder trade of pigs, so the local pig supply and pork price will not be affected.

Last month, the ministry proposed the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development boost the monitoring of livestock farming activities and evaluate the reproductive performance of the nation’s pig herds, to provide enough pork products for the local market during the year-end and Tet holiday.

In addition, the Industry and Trade Ministry asked its subordinate departments across the country to create favorable conditions for enterprises to import pork, if needed. The departments were also told to encourage local people to consume other meats to substitute for pork and use frozen pork instead of fresh pork to ease pressure on the tight pork supply.

The ministry will continue supervising the local pork market to adopt appropriate regulatory systems in the coming months, while working with localities that have a large pork inventory to stabilize the year-end market.

Based on evaluations of pork production and consumption, the two ministries will consider the import of safe pork at reasonable prices to make up for the undersupply as well as to cushion surging pork prices.


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