DTG: Notice of record date for Dividend payment by share

- Issuer: Tipharco Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company
- Stock code: DTG
- Par value: VND 10,000
- Stock type: Common stock
- Record date: 20/08/2019
- Ex-date: 19/08/2019
- Reason: Dividend payment by share
       + Exercise rate: 100:17 (shareholders are entitled to receive 17 new shares for every 100 shares they own. The number of shares each shareholder receives is rounded down to unit digit. The odd share will be cancelled).
       + Place of payment:
- For deposited shares: securities companies where shares of shareholders have been deposited.
- For undeposited shares: .Tipharco Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company on working days (from Monday to Saturday). Securities certificate and Identification Card (original copy) are required. In case of authorization, a proxy with certified seal of the local authority is further requested in addtion to the mentioned above.


DTG 21,700 0 %
VND 14,450 50 +0.35%

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