NVL11715: Notice of interest rate for 4th bond interest and principal payment

No Va Land Investment Group Corporation announces the record date for the fourth bond interest payment and principal payment as follows:

-       Bond name:         NVLG082019 Bond

-       Bond symbol:      NVL11715

-       Bond type:           corporate bond

-       Par value:            100,000 VND/bond

-       Record date:        July 25, 2019

-       Purpose: to pay interest for the fourth time (the fourth period: from and including February 08, 2019 to and excluding August 08, 2019) and pay the principal of NVL11715 on the due date.

-       Interest rate:        11.3%/year

-        Interest and principal amount per bond: 105,681.389VND/bond

-        Total interest and principal amount: 1,056,813,890,000 VND

-        Payment date:      August 08, 2019

-       Place of payment:

  • For bondholders whose bonds have been deposited: Bondholders will fulfill procedures to receive bond interest and principal at the securities firms where the bonds have been deposited.
  • For bondholders whose bonds have not been deposited: The bond interest and principal will be paid to the bondholders’ accounts which were registered at Techcom Securities Joint Stock Company on August 08, 2019.



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