TVA: Results of share issue to employees

I. Introduction about issuer:
1. Name of issuer:  Thanh Tri Sanitary Ware Joint Stock Company
2. Headquarter address: Nguyen Khoai Street, Thanh Tri Ward, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi City
Tel: (84-24) 38611056              Fax: (84-24) 38613147
II. Share expected to be issued:
1. Name of share: Thanh Tri Sanitary Ware Joint Stock Company
2. Charter capital: VND 60,000,000,000
3. Number of outstanding shares (before the share issue): N/a
4. Number of treasury shares (before the share issue): N/a
5. Type of share: Common share
6. Stock code (if any): VTP 
7. Par value: VND 10,000/ share
8. Number of shares expected to be issued: 300,000 shares
9. Purpose of the share issue: issue shares to employees
10. Expected date of trading the issued shares: 13/06/2019
III. Result of the share issue:
1. Number of distributed shares: 300,000 shares
2. Number of shareholders distributed to: 16 shareholders
3. Method of handling fractional shares: rounded down to unit digit; the decimal (if any) will be deleted
4. Total shares at present (on 17/06/2019): 6,300,000 shares, in which:
- Number of outstanding shares: 6,300,000 shares
- Number of treasury shares: 0 share


TVA 19,000 0 %
VND 13,850 0 %
VTP 119,900 1,400 +1.18%

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