NAF: BOD resolution dated May 23, 2019

The Board resolution dated May 21, 2019, Nafoods Group Joint Stock Company approved the following issues:

  1. Approving the stock issuance to pay dividend for 2018:

-       Stock name: Nafoods Group Joint Stock Company

-       Stock code: NAF

-       Stock type: common share

-       Par value: 10,000 dongs

-       Number of shares issued: 36,299,782 shares

-       Number of outstanding shares: 36,299,720 shares

-       Number of treasury shares: 62 shares

-       Number of shares expected to be issued: 5,444,958 shares

-       Total value (based on par value): VND54,449,580,000

-       Exercise ratio: 100:15, equivalent to 21%/par value (shareholder who owns 100 shares will receive 15 new shares.)

-       Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will be rounded down, the fractional shares will be cancelled.

-       For example: At the record date, shareholder A owned 84 shares. With 15% performing ratio, the shareholder A will receive: 84 *15/100 = 12.6 shares. According to rounding policy, the shareholder A receives 12 new shares. The fractional shares of 0.6 will be cancelled.

-       Time of implementation: 2019.

2. Approving the stock issuance under ESOP:

-       Expected issue volume: 1,814,986 shares

-       Total value (based on par value): VND18,149,860,000

-       These shares will not be restricted the transfer.

-       Time of implementation: 2019.





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