HNX: Additional reason for putting shares of 22 issuers under trading restriction

HNX announced the additional reason for putting shares of 22 issuers under trading restriction as follows:
No. Stock code Company name
1 AMP Armephaco Joint Stock Company
2 B82 Joint Stock Company No 482
3 CAD CADOVIMEX Seafood Import-Export and Processing JSC
4 CTN Underground Works Construction JSC
5 GTC Golden Dragon Tea Joint Stock Company
6 KHL Hung Long Mineral and Building Materials JSC
7 NTB Transport engineering construction & buiness investment stock company 584
8 PX1 Song Lam 2 Cement Joint Stock Company
9 PXA Petrovietnam – Nghe An Investment & Trading Joint Stock Company
10 S12 Song Da No 12 Joint Stock Company
11 S27 Song Da 27 JSC
12 SD1 Song Da 1 JSC
13 SD8 Song Da 8 JSC
14 SDB Song Da 207 Joint stock company
15 SDH Song Da Infrastructure Construction JSC
16 SDP SDP Joint Stock Company
17 STL Song Da - Thang Long JSC
18 TBT Bentre Transportation Works Contruction JSC
19 TCK Construction Machinery Corporation - JSC
20 TNM Tranimexco Transportation Import-Export and Construction JSC
21 V15 Vinaconex 15 JSC
22 VC5 Construction JSC No5
- Reason: Issuers have disclosed 2018 Audited Financial Statement late more than 45 days since disclosure date stipulated in Regulation on Trading Registration and the issuers have not provided solutions to overcome the situation
- HNX will announce the approval for above shares to resume trading after the issuers overcome the reasons for being put under trading restriction pursuant to Regulation on trading registration.




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