State to explore fee cuts for shipping companies

The Viet Nam Maritime Administration has requested that associations, seaport companies and shipping companies be exempted or allowed to pay reduced service fees for containers stored at seaports for a long time.


The proposal was laid out in document No 646/CHHVN-VTDVHH, issued on March 7 to create favourable conditions for the owners of the containers to release the goods stored at seaports.

The administration, under the Ministry of Transport, also proposed container owners and associations of industries such as the paper association, plastic association and steel association co-ordinate with shipping agents and seaport companies to review which containers will get fee exemptions or reductions.

Relevant agencies would then fix exemptions and reduced rates based on the review and existing regulations.

The administration proposed the associations announce the policy to their members and then closely co-ordinate with state agencies to craft a plan that minimizes damage to all involved parties. The associations were asked to send feedback from their members to the administration before March 15.

According to the document, as of January 25, 2019, the national seaport system has stored more than 24,100 scrap containers, including 7,000 containers at Hai Phong seaport.

If the container is kept at port for less than 90 days, enterprises could still be carrying out procedures to clear customs in accordance with regulations. However, about 3,000 containers have been in a port for more than 90 days. Authorities are actively looking for the owners of those containers to request they move them.


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