SECC notifies securities investors to update personal information

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) released an announcement on Monday, notifying securities investors to submit their updated personal information in case of any adjustment to avoid termination of their investor identification (ID).

Investors have been provided a three-month period for submission, starting from the date of the announcement, which stressed that failure to meet the deadline will result in officials reviewing the feasibility to terminate their ID.

To trade on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), individuals or institutional investors must request an ID before they can open a securities account. The ID can be requested from the SECC or through securities firms.

The CSX index decreased slightly on Monday trading by 0.55 per cent, from 587.08 points on Friday to 583.85 points. Four of the five stocks saw their stock indexes decrease, with only Grand Twins International (GTI) remaining stable.

A total of 1,937 shares changed hands on Monday – a 78 per cent decrease from Friday. Local individual investors sold 80 per cent and bought back 34 per cent of total trading volume while foreign investors sold 20 per cent and bought back 61 per cent.

Securities firms also bought five per cent.

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