Phone exports to Israel increase sharply

Exports of telephones and components from Viet Nam to Israel hit US$39.3 million in February, a month-on-month surge of 91.9 per cent.


The total export turnover of Viet Nam to Israel in February increased 8.15 per cent compared to the previous month to reach $54.5 million.

The export turnover to this market in the first two months of this year reached $104.4 million, declining 11.73 per cent compared to the same period last year.

In particular, the exports of telephones and components accounted for a large proportion, up to 57.9 per cent of the total export turnover in the first two months of the year, reaching $59.9 million.

The Viet Nam Trade Information Centre under the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that Israel was a small market with just 8.5 million people, but the country had a high per capita income (up to $42,000 per person per year on average).

Two-way trade turnover between Viet Nam and Israel has grown steadily over the years and has reached over $1 billion per year and is expected to reach the target of $3 billion in the future.

In addition to phones and components, agricultural products are strong points for Viet Nam in this market, including seafood, cashew nuts, coffee and shoes.




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