NPM11804: Decision on the listing of bond

On December 27, 2018, HOSE issued a decision to approve the listing of bond of Nui Phao Mining Company Ltd on the exchange floor as follows:

-      Issuer: Nui Phao Mining Company Ltd

-      Short name: NUIPHAO MINING

-      Securities type: corporate bond

-      Bond name: NPM062020 Bond

-      Bond code: NPM11804

-      ISIN code: VN0NPM118047

-      Par value: VND100,000

-      Listing volume: 10,000,000 bonds

-      Total value (based on par value): VND1,000,000,000,000

-      Bond type: convertible bonds, unsecured and without warrants.

-      Term bond: 02 years

-      Issue day: June 05, 2018

-      Maturity day: June 05, 2020

-      Interest rate: 9.5%/year

-      Term of interest payment: once every 06 months from the issue date.


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