Traders Fair & Gala night, Vietnam

Traders Fair & Gala night – a financial event for traders and investors, which is going to take place in Vietnam on the 24th of November 2018 (Windsor Plaza Hotel, Saigon). 

The best trading experts, companies, money brokers and banks from all over the world are going to share out their experience and to find out new up-to-date information about cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, futures and options markets. Also Traders Fair & Gala night is going to be full of educational programs and entertainment. To register online now for free, you should visit

Traders Fair & Gala night, Vietnam is attracting the best trading companies and experts to blow covers from up-to-date topics about the mysterious world of Forex, stocks, trading and cryptocurrency. This platform is full of networking opportunities – you can communicate with the leaders of the industry, make professional contacts and enlarge your knowledge of trading.

Traders Fair & Gala night - Vietnam is organized by FINEXPO, which is the largest company organizing financial and trading events, fairs, expos and shows worldwide since 2002. List of its projects seems quite long. Here you can find Financial Expo, Traders Fair, Traders Awards, Forex & Money Expo, Forex Expo Awards, Money Fair, Investor Expo, Golf Expo, Banking Expo, Online Trading Expo, etc. Over 30000 traders, investors and financial advisors and more than 3 000 financial companies and brokers from Forex, stock, option, bond crypto money and forward markets from all around the world have been connected by FINEXPO. The positive feedback from participants is the best prove of effective and successful work done by FINEXPO.

Traders Fair & Gala night is sponsored by leading brands such as Australian Forex Marketplace (Grand sponsor), FIBOGroup (Silver sponsor), RPNPay, OlympTrade. To say more the organizers of event offer you different variants of recommended accommodation, so you can focus on agenda and don’t lose you time, thinking about accommodation and everything.

You are welcome to visit to find out more information about Traders Fair & Gala night.


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