TIC: Record date for stock swap

HOSE announces the record date of Tay Nguyen Electricity Investment Joint Stock Company (TIC):

-          Listed firm: Tay Nguyen Electricity Investment Joint Stock Company

-          Stock code: TIC

-          Stock type: common stock

-          Par value: VND10,000

-          Record date: October 13, 2017

-          Purpose: to swap stock

  • Swap ratio: 1: 1 (On the record date, those who own 01 TIC share will receive 01 GEC share.)
  • Stock swap volume: 7,702,951 shares

-          For the shares listed on the Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE):

  • Delisting date: October 12, 2017
  • Last trading date on HOSE: October 11, 2017
  • From October 13, 2017, TIC shares shall not be valid for trading and transfer in the market.

-          Place & procedure of payment:

-Shareholders whose shares have been deposited: at the securities firms where the shares have been deposited.

  -Shareholders whose shares have not been deposited:  Gia Lai Electricity Joint Stock Company (GEC) as from October 13, 2017.


Please submit ID card and Shareholder certificates or the legal authorized letters on receipt of dividend.


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