EDL-Gen rally: 14th straight day of gains

There's plenty of fire in the belly for EDL-Gen's stock price as it made its 14th straight day of gains early Thursday from 4,400 to 5,100 kip before finally closing at 5,000 kip.

Ignoring the shorter week and holiday blues the LSX recorded a big quarterly gain by the 9:30 close yesterday up 33.93 points to 1041.10 on 7,506 shares for 41,057,100 kip. By the close the LSX index fell back to 1026.88 in a strong finish to the day.

EDL-Gen traded above previous levels gaining 200 kip to a new 52WH at 5,100 kip.

By the 10am close EDL-Gen fell 50 kip to 5,000 kip but trades then stalled at 12006 shares.

BCEL also put on 100 kip helping push the index up.

The adjusted LSX 52 week highs and lows as at yesterday were BCEL 7,250-5,700 kip and EDL-Gen 5,100-4,100 kip.

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