25/01: Daily updates of the Lao Securities Exchange

1. Movements of the day

  • 1st session, 8:30 – 10:00

The market propels forward as the public show impetuous reactions. Hasty sell-offs were seen early this morning on BCEL shares, howev

er current demands still push onward, resulting in a buying surplus of 73 thousand shares. Almost 2 million shares were queuing for EDL-Gen, but only was a tiny 101 thousand shares transferred. BCEL established a new peak at 12,700 Kip per share, so did EDL-Gen at 6,700 Kip per share.

  • 2nd session, 10:00 – 11:30

BCEL was experiencing an elating trading period when its trading volume has crossed over the yesterday figures, pushing to a total of 264,008 shares. No selling movements were recorded for EDL-Gen in this second session, rendering the liquidity of this stock symbol immobilized.

2. The LSX Index

The index is expanding at a galloping speed of roughly 25% per week, supported by the propelling stock prices of BCEL and EDL-Gen. The LSX index advances 66.19 points, topping the 1,459 mark by the end of the day. The transaction volume improved slightly as investors actively engaged in BCEL shares. The total market turnover brushed over 4.03 billion Kip, the third highest figure since the opening of the Lao stock market.

3. Market Evaluation

i. EDL-Gen

EDL-Gen gained an additional 300 Kip per share as the boiling demands for this stock symbol reached its peak of 2.5 million shares today. Investors are becoming restless as they cannot access to EDL-Gen shares. Expectations for higher price for EDL-Gen shares have reflected in the recent low trading volume of EDL-Gen.

ii. BCEL

BCEL’s trading frequency has been intensified lately as investors could not acquire more EDL-Gen shares. Total trading volume surged 41% to 3.3 billion Kip. The price of one BCEL share escalated to 12,700 Kip as investors feel more confident about the company, pushing its market capitalization to almost 1.7 trillion Kip. The market might witness larger size of transactions on BCEL in the next two trading days, even though the price of BCEL is getting more expensive.

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