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The IPO and secondary market options for profitable investing

06/08/2021 07:51

An initial public offering (IPO) provides the opportunity for investing in a company that was formerly a privately owned enterprise.

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CSX bullish amid lockdown

05/11/2021 08:00

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) Index maintained a bullish trend and reached peak at 648.33 points mid-lockdown before cooling back down, despite remaining flat in the days prior to the restrictive measure.

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Manage risks in stock investment: Read the market before investing

05/05/2021 08:09

Risk is an unavoidable element in any investment, but the magnitude of the risk, whether large or small, depends on the type of product.

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Lockdown sparks CSX trading

05/05/2021 08:07

The local bourse has logged a sharp increase in trading even as the lockdown enters a third week, according to a senior official at the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX).

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SME gets in-principle nod for IPO

03/23/2021 11:11

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) approved in principle the listing eligibility of a privately-owned small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) on its Growth Board, CSX vice-chairman Ha Jong-weon told The Post on March 22.

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Kingdom joins ASEAN securities plan

03/17/2021 07:40

The newly-renamed Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC) and its nine capital-market-regulator counterparts in ASEAN on March 15 signed a new five-year Action Plan 2021-2025 for the development of the sector.

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Securities regulator eyes digital

03/12/2021 10:09

The Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia and Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) have vowed to use an online system to facilitate business transactions as well as to keep the market afloat amidst economic uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Stock market unruffled by ‘Feb 20 Event’: CSX official

02/25/2021 07:49

The emergence of the Kingdom’s third community transmission, dubbed the “February 20 Community Event”, has not had a discernible impact on stock prices, according to Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) vice-chairman Ha Jong-weon.

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Gains not losses: Key factors that affect share prices in the market

01/18/2021 12:02

Share price fluctuations can either create opportunities for gains for investors – or potentially be the cause of losses.

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SECC prepared to list shares of holding firms

01/18/2021 11:58

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) is drafting a prakas on public offerings of equity securities for holding companies to allow them to issue shares on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) in a move towards diversification and development of the nation’s capital markets.


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