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CSX firms report positive Q3

11/17/2020 11:50

Three Cambodia-listed firms reported solid business performance for the third quarter of this year in their interim financial statements filed to the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and its macroeconomic fallout.

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The Post inks MoU with CSX

11/13/2020 07:50

The Cambodia Securities Exchange Co Ltd (CSX) and The Phnom Penh Post will work together to provide investors and the public with reliable information on the developments in the Kingdom’s blossoming capital market.

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Why investing in stocks is a safe bet

11/03/2020 14:08

Investing in stocks is often compared to gambling. And while certain strategies used in the stock market could resemble it, like trading penny stocks, short-term speculation and unprotected option strategies, investing is actually not gambling if done properly – and gambling is definitely not investing.

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CSX launches initiative to guide SMEs

10/27/2020 08:42

Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has launched a new initiative called “35 Minutes on Business”, a series of online events that will serve as a new community platform for local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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Australia 3i to bolster investment in projects

10/09/2020 10:50

Cambodia Securities and Exchange Commission (SECC) signed an agreement with the Australian government to enable Cambodia to diversify financing for infrastructure.

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CSX sees strong performance, recovery in second quarter

09/21/2020 07:46

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) announced that the market performed well in the second quarter with an index increase of 18 per cent – from 590.63 in Q1 to 695.99 in Q2.

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Gov’t securities ‘a new opportunity’

09/08/2020 08:03

The recently-approved draft law on government securities will pave the way for the State to employ a new type of financial instrument and mobilise domestic financing, diversify its capital portfolio and reduce external borrowing, Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) director-general Sou Socheat said on Monday.

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SECC grants fund licence to OBOR

09/02/2020 20:07

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) on Monday awarded a Fund Management Licence to locally-registered venture capital firm and fund manager OBOR Management Co Ltd.

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Listed firms bypass pandemic

08/26/2020 07:49

Seven Cambodia-listed firms reported solid business performance in the second quarter of this year amid macroeconomic headwinds driven by the Covid-19 crisis.

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Draft law on gov’t securities underway

07/31/2020 08:05

The government is working on a draft law on government securities to replace the old one, the Ministry of Economy and Finance said on Tuesday.


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