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Laos’ capital plans 30 large development projects to 2025

12/31/2020 07:28

Vientiane authorities have pledged to carry out 30 large-scale development projects from now until 2025 in a bid to accelerate the Lao capital’s economic growth.

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Savannakhet sets up site to inform investors

10/20/2020 08:28

Business operators will find it easier to make decisions about investment in Savannakhet now that the Lao province has created a website which provides all the information needed by potential investors.

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Potential fall in revenue adds to Laos debt burden

10/13/2020 07:44

Laos' domestic revenue is expected to decline further from 13.5 per cent last year to 10.2 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) this year, the World Bank said in a report.

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Laos to lose favourable trading status

09/04/2020 07:43

Laos could face a trade loss of $102 million under the special tariff scheme if the country graduates from the UN’s Least Developed Country (LDC) status in 2024, a recent study found.

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Nearly $37 billion invested in Laos

05/15/2020 07:48

The Lao government has approved more than 6,000 investment projects with combined funding of nearly $37 billion since the introduction of the market-oriented economy in the 1980s.

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Laos takes steps to ease business registration

02/26/2020 08:05

The Lao Ministry of Industry and Commerce’s Department of Enterprise Registration and Management has eased the registration process for foreign investors, local entrepreneurs and those who want to start a new business in Laos.

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Growth in Laos expected to remain resilient despite economic stresses

02/25/2020 08:02

A new set of challenges is likely to affect Laos’ economy this year, mainly the long dry season, the coronavirus outbreak and the Sino-US trade war.

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Laos trade deficit hits $137M despite reaching export target

02/11/2020 08:15

Laos recorded a trade deficit of $137 million last year even though the value of exports exceeded the yearly plan, according to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


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