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PV OIL holds 20% share of Laos petrol sales

05/03/2017 13:22

Viet Nam’s PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PV OIL) is running profitably in Laos, with average revenues of over US$100 million and a contribution of over $20 million to the host country’s budget a year.

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CTG: Notice of establishment of bank in Laos

01/15/2015 16:23

The State Bank of Vietnam has allowed the Viet Nam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank) to establish a wholly owned bank in Laos on the basis of branch conversion.

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Thaco to export locally assembled cars to Laos

07/05/2013 13:25

The Truong Hai Auto company (Thaco) will deliver its first batch of domestically assembled cars to Laos next Sunday, the company confirmed on Wednesday.


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