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LSX to increase trading sessions

10/05/2011 09:49

The Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) will increase the number of trading sessions next month in a move aimed to boost trade values and turnover.

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LSX to offer online trading service

07/30/2011 00:09

Lao Securities Exchange plans to launch a new stock trading service, allowing investors to post buying and selling orders of stocks from computers at the end of this year, according to a top company official.

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25/01: Daily updates of the Lao Securities Exchange

01/26/2011 00:03

The market propels forward as the public show impetuous reactions. Hasty sell-offs were seen early this morning on BCEL shares, howev

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24/01: Daily updates of the Lao Securities Exchange

01/25/2011 20:00

Anticipating the current trends, investors unwaveringly step onward with their biddings again this week, pushing the prices of BCEL and EDL-Gen to an astounding 12,100 Kip and 6,400 Kip per share respectively. As of today, the price of BCEL’s shares enlarges by 500 Kip (4.31% gain), and EDL-Gen increase by 300 Kip (4.92%).

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Taxes on share trading still up in the air

12/30/2010 19:01

The government is considering waiving taxes on share trading to boost investment in the Lao Securities Exchange (LSX), according to a broker.


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