Wednesday , 01/19/2022 17:07

ECC: Approved the result of stock offering to existing shareholders

 The Board resolution dated January 18, 2022, the BOD of EuroCapital Securities Joint Stock Compan approved the following issues:

1)      Approving the result of stock offering to existing shareholders:

-          Total distributed shares: 15,000,000 shares

-          Unsold shares volume: 5,000,000 shares

-          Total proceeds from the offering: VND150,000,000,000

-          Total expenses: VND0

-          Total net proceeds after the public offering: VND150,000,000,000

-          Charter capital before the offering: VND200,000,000,000

-          Charter capital after the offering: VND350,000,000,000.

2)      Approving the cancellation of the unsold shares of 5,000,000 shares.