Tuesday, 01/18/2022 08:22

MM Mega Market welcomes the new year with various kinds of products

In order to meet customers’ demand for the Lunar New Year 2022, MM Mega Market has prepared diversified products and food with the best prices on the market since previous months before Tet.

MM Mega Market welcomes the new year with various kinds of products

Specifically, MM concentrates on providing some essential goods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, dry food, biscuits, candy, drinks,….and some non-food like household commodities: pots, spoon, fork, cups, kitchen utensils,….that help consumers approach products easily. MM can respond sufficiently to customers’ needs while avoiding the scarcity and inflation on Tet.

Besides, there are thousand promotions up to 45% for essential goods, food, MM own brand, buy 1 get 1, buy more get more, five-time point accumulation on MCard such as pork, beef, chicken, Norway salmon, live Da Lat sturgeon, live pearl grouper, vegetables, five-fruit tray, pickled scallion heads, onions, biscuits, jams, nuts, beer, soft drinks, sausages, household appliances and Xuan Nhu Y Ao Dai collection.

Realizing that health has been the first priority of Vietnamese consumers since Covid-19 outbreak, MM Vietnam has been developing a closed clean ultra-fresh supply chain "from farm to fork" with 2 own brands “We are fresh” for fresh products and “MM Bio” for organic food including: pork, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables.

MM Mega Market welcomes the new year with various kinds of products

This year, MM prepares the Tet hampers based on the theme “Welcome Prosperous New Year” as a wish for good health, bright new year, cost saving and union to million customers. There are more than 20 types of Tet hamper like Economy, Health, Union and Prosperity with multiple prices from 300,000 VND to 2,500,000 VND, so that customers can easily choose for themselves a suitable basket gift sent with love and best wishes.

MM Mega Market has planned to provide regional specialties, imported goods Tet cuisines such as bánh chưng, bánh tét, pickled onions, palanquins, etc. for people who are far from home can feel the Tet atmosphere as their hometown.

In order to keep MM a safe shopping destination for customers and avoid crowds, MM encourages people to buy online via 3 channels: MM Click & Get website, Zalo channel and hotline of the nearby center. Currently, MM's online channel displays more than 10,000 products focusing on essential product categories such as confectionery, jam, drinks, fresh food. It is convenient for customers to choose the necessary products for their needs.

MM Mega Market welcomes the new year with various kinds of products

In order to promote the online shopping channels, MM provides multiple benefits for online customers such as delivery within 4 hours, freeship within 7km. More than that, to enhance customers’ experiences, its shippers can manage to deliver orders up to customer’s expectation, even after the office hours.

MM also applies a variety of online payment methods to bring the most customers’ convenience. Customers can pay at the counter with Momo or Payoo, transfer money via Zalo Pay when ordering on Zalo, use VNPay, domestic ATMs, or scan QR codes when purchasing items on the MM Click & Get website.

Bruno Jousselin, Managing Director of MM Mega Market, said, “Tet is always the most important and meaningful festival of the year for Vietnamese people. Understanding customer insight, we always strive to give our customers the safest, healthiest and most prosperous Tet season, reflected in a wide variety of goods, high quality, best prices and many promotions. Although 2021 has been a tough time for Vietnam, we still want to bring the fullest and warmest Tet to our customers by ensuring a stable and diverse source of goods at all nationwide MM Centers, increase stock from 20% to 30% more than previous year. Together, we look forward to a new year with new hopes and prosperity.”

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