Monday, 04/12/2021 12:03

Cambodia gets over $1.6B revenues in Q1

Prime Minister Hun Sen affirmed on April 10 that Cambodia will not face a shortfall in budget despite the government having allocated much if its resources to contain the February 20 community outbreak of Covid-19.

Hun sen made the remarks as he addressed the Covid-19 situation, saying the government could still generate revenues from customs and exise which he said continued to grow.

The remarks apparently came in response to an unnamed opposition group which accused the government of forcing Covid-19 vaccination on members of the armed forces and civil servants and threatening them with dismissal from the state employment framework.

"In March alone, we received tax revenues of more than $600 million [from the General Department of Taxation] and customs revenues of more than $200 million [from the General Department of Customs & Excise], totalling more than $800 million,” he said.

“Accumulated over a period of three months up to end-March, we've already generated more than $1 billion. This is what I want to convey to them.

"Revenues from the customs and excise general department alone for the first three months amounted to more than $600 million. So is the Hun Sen government short of money?” Hun Sen said, adding the cash the government has on hand can pay the salaries of its civil servants for more than three years.

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