Monday, 06/29/2020 08:07

Hanoi offers good opportunities for high-tech agriculture for investors

A number of high-tech agricultural projects have been proposed in Hanoi, a trend praised and encouraged by experts and legislators at the Hanoi investment promotion conference yesterday.

Hanoi offers good opportunities for high-tech agriculture for investors
Several projects in high-tech agriculture have been proposed in the capital, with more open for financiers

At the Hanoi investment promotion conference on June 27, 2020, Minister of Agricultural and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong confirmed that this is a good chance to pour money into the agricultural sector.

Vietnam's agricultural production has largely met the local demand of 96 million people with enough left to export. In 2019, the agricultural sector gained $40 billion from exports.

Over the last five years, the value of agricultural exports increased by $2 billion per year, which is a rate few countries could reach and has resulted in improving added value in this sector.

66 per cent of Hanoi's total land area (335,000ha) is rural and agricultural land, while transport and logistic infrastructure are also developed, making a welcoming setting for agricultural development.

There are 35 agricultural institutes, 10 universities and colleges related to agriculture in Hanoi. The capital is also the centre for various agriculture products like cow and poultry breeding. Altogether, Hanoi's annual poultry output is about 350 million animals and has strong processing capacity.

"Promoting agricultural investment in Hanoi is a good choice because the demand for high-quality agriculture and agricultural products is increasing, and high-tech, smart, and organic agriculture is a rising good trend for investment," Minister Cuong stated at the conference.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will collaborate with Hanoi People's Committee and other agencies to support businesses to develop agricultural projects in the city, contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.

Some projects calling for investment and proposed by investors in 2016-2020 in Hanoi include:

1. Projects calling for investment in 2016-2018:

2. Proposed investment projects for 2020: