Wednesday , 11/13/2019 16:59

PTH: Notice of transaction of share purchase rights of connected person (Ms. Ho Thi Phuong Hoa)

- Name of issuer: Ha Tay Petrolimex Transportation and Service Joint Stock Company
- Stock code: PTH
- Securities type: Common stock
- Name of person connected with a person discharging managerial responsibility (PDMR)/Director: Ms. Ho Thi Phuong Hoa
- Name of PDMR/Director in the listed company: Mr. Ngo Ngoc Vinh
- Position in the listed company: Member of Supervisory Board
- Relation between connected person and PDMR/Director: Wife
- Number of shares held by connected person before transaction: 0 share
- Number of share purchase rights held by connected person: 3,940 rights
- Nature of transaction: sale/acquisition of share purchase rights
- Number of rights to be acquired: 3,645 rights
- Expected holding of share purchase rights after transaction: 7,585 rights
- Number of shares to be acquired corresponding to the holding of share purchase rights after transaction: 14,153 shares
- Expected Start date of transaction: 15/11/2019
- Expected End date of transaction: 22/11/2019