Saturday, 04/20/2019 15:41


Taxmen lose lawsuits due to incorrect auditing results: expert

Tax agencies in many localities have lost lawsuits filed by enterprises as auditing agencies have produced incorrect auditing results, negatively affecting both tax agencies and enterprises, Nguyen Thi Cuc, former deputy head of the General Department of Taxation and chairwoman of the Vietnam Tax Consultants' Association, said at a seminar held in HCMC on April 18.

At the seminar on tax law and policies, held by Grant Thornton LLP, Cuc said that tax agencies have lost all six recent cases.

In addition, many enterprises have been coerced into paying tax arrears as localities had earlier offered them incentives such as land rent exemption and low corporate income tax, which are not in line with the law.

Cuc told the Saigon Times on the sidelines of the seminar that mistakes by auditing agencies had harmed both tax agencies’ and enterprises’ reputations. Representatives of enterprises may even face criminal charges.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine the liability of the auditing agencies and inspectorates and the penalties they should bear if they produce incorrect results.

They must also repay the tax arrears and fines collected from enterprises, with money sourced from their own budgets.

Also, the cooperation among State management agencies should be enhanced.

Enterprises that are coerced into paying tax arrears and fines with illegal incentives should be exempted from fines for late tax payments.

These proposals have been made in the draft laws on auditing and tax management, which have been submitted to the National Assembly for consideration, Cuc noted.