Tuesday, 04/16/2019 11:31

KSK: Additional reason for ineligible for margin trading

As of 11/4/2019, based on the Decision No.87/QD-UBCK dated 25/01/2017 of SSC on issuance of Regulation on giving guidelines on securities margin trading and the Decision No.1205/QD-UBCK dated 27/12/2017 on revision of the Decision 87/QD-UBCK, Hanoi Stock Exchange announced additional reason for following stock ineligible for margin trading:
- Issuer: Mineral Ferrous Metallergy JSC
- Securities type: Common stock
- Stock code: KSK
- Effective date: 16/4/2019
- Reason for ineligibility for margin trading: Late submission of reviewed financial statement 2018 over 5 working days.