Wednesday , 05/27/2015 14:18

Vientiane New World launches sales

CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd. on Friday launched the opening of sales at Vientiane New World (VNW), with construction of the plaza almost complete.

The launch featured singing and dancing by a female troupe from the Republic of Korea, a magic show, violin performance, and BMW cars that were on show throughout the event.

Clients holding VIP cards enjoyed the sales promotion and were rewarded with a 20 percent discount for a stay at the ASEM Villa or the Don Chan Palace hotel. By the end of the event, all of the VIP cards had been sold.

Clients buying a shophouse not only pay a deposit of US$ 50,000 that is worth US$100,000 and get one year's free property management, they also receive an iPhone 6, 6 Plus and a night's stay at ASEM Villa.

First-time rental of a VNW shophouse allows clients to choose their ideal shophouse, which comes with the first three months rent-free and three months property management fee included, as well as one night in the President Suite at the Don Chan Palace hotel.

VNW is built on a site of 500,000 square metres. It comprises a Commercial Centre, Business Centre and Living Centre and contains walking streets, shopping malls, enterprise headquarter buildings, modern office buildings, hotels, serviced apartments and garden apartments.

The developer and investor is CAMCE, a large-d multi-national enterprise from China, and the Krittaphong Group of Laos.

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