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Traders Fair & Gala night, Vietnam

11/13/2018 16:01

Traders Fair & Gala night – a financial event for traders and investors, which is going to take place in Vietnam on the 24th of November 2018 (Windsor Plaza Hotel, Saigon). 

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Traders Fair & Gala night, Vietnam

10/25/2018 17:16

Traders Fair & Gala night, Vietnam brings together professionals and experts from the world of trading. Would you like to take a lecture from the first-and-only Vietnamese in 35 years being honored to be in top 5 traders with highest percentage of net return in 2018 World Cup Forex Trading? To ask a financial expert with over 11 years of experience in Forex market your essential questions?

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Traders Fair & Gala night – Vietnam (private event)

09/04/2018 11:22

Stocks, Forex, futures & options – Fantastic show like nowhere!

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Is it time to devalue the Vietnamese dong to boost exports?

03/10/2015 14:56

Economists from Hanoi National University have urged the government to adjust the dong/dollar exchange rate, while the National Finance Supervision Council said stabilizing the exchange rate is a top priority.

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Cambodian Stock Market: Stock price will be within 90%-150% on the 1st day

04/17/2012 17:58

Cambodian Securities Exchange (LSX) will officially begin trading on April 18, 2012. The trade executions are two (2) times a day, at 09:00 AM and 11:30 AM, and the settlement date of a transaction is T+2. Base price for the trading of initially listed issues shall be within 90% - 150% of the IPO price.

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CSX Index: Base value at 1,000 points  

04/17/2012 17:28

At the opening of the first securities trading, Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) has only one index, composite index, named “CSX Index”.

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Cambodia: Guideline on opening stock trading account for investors

04/07/2012 16:37

To open stock trading account in Cambodian stock market, investors must follow 3 steps: applying for Investor ID, opening bank account, and opening trading account.

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LSX to increase trading sessions

10/05/2011 09:49

The Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) will increase the number of trading sessions next month in a move aimed to boost trade values and turnover.

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LSX to offer online trading service

07/30/2011 00:09

Lao Securities Exchange plans to launch a new stock trading service, allowing investors to post buying and selling orders of stocks from computers at the end of this year, according to a top company official.

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Trading fees too high, says broker

07/14/2011 00:58

The managing partner in one of the brokerage firms poised to trade on the new CSX, Morten Kvammen of Cambodia Capital, says the CSX’s trading fees should be lower in order to keep the exchange from being too expensive.


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