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Vietnam > Commodity

Why do Vietnamese drink so much?

12/06/2018 13:45 | 0 comments

Cheap prices, no drinking age limit and sales hour restriction, and unfinished legislation on the prevention of harmful effects of alcohol abuse are the three main reasons behind Vietnam’s rapid advance in the global beer and alcohol consumption rankings.

Vietnam > Economy

SOE equitisation lets down investors

09/06/2018 17:23 | 0 comments

Even though the government has been trying its best to boost the equitisation of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to attract private investors over the past few years, the poor performance and small sales percentage of many such enterprises have disheartened many interested parties.

Vietnam > Economy

Decree gives green light to major sales discounts

09/06/2018 17:21 | 0 comments

A new governmental decree increasing the discount cap for sales promotions in certain situations has received favourable feedback from the business community, despite the remaining restrictions on promotions.

Vietnam > Industries

Seminar considers measures for development of shrimp farming

05/06/2018 09:48 | 0 comments

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong has ordered provinces and cities to focus on ensuring farmers raise shrimp using proper breeding processes and advanced techniques.

Vietnam > Economy

VN urged to focus on local branding

04/06/2018 09:09 | 0 comments

Viet Nam needs to focus on increasing businesses’ awareness of registering for and protecting geographical indication (GI) for their products and the advantages GI brings, according to experts.

Vietnam > Real Estate

Land price surge raises concerns in Vietnam’s coastal province

29/05/2018 22:28 | 0 comments

Investors with deep pockets have flocked to a coastal area in the south-central province of Phu Yen, offering to buy seaside land at unreasonably high prices, sparking concerns of a possible land fever that may well lead to a real estate bubble.

Vietnam > Commentary

SSI leaders calm down investors

29/05/2018 16:17 | 0 comments

Investors should not panic about the continuous fall of the stock market in recent times, said leaders of Saigon Securities (SSI).

Vietnam > Commentary

Should trade tariffs matter to investors in Việt Nam?

25/05/2018 13:24 | 0 comments

An important point to note is that this volatility may feel uncomfortable, but it is not unusual. It comes after a sustained benign period in markets and volatility levels have only moved back to where they were in mid-2016 and remain at around half of their five year peak. While periods of low volatility are enjoyable while they last, the volatility we’re seeing today is a more normal pattern for stock markets.

Vietnam > Finance

Information asymmetry and lack of knowledge hampers consumer finance

23/05/2018 13:45 | 0 comments

As the development of consumer finance is becoming an indispensible trend in Vietnam, the lack of financial knowledge and the lack of information to track debtors remain two of the biggest obstacles for ensuring consumers’ financial security.

Vietnam > Finance

Consumer loans allure Asian firms

22/05/2018 08:37 | 0 comments

Foreign investors, mostly from Asia, are swooping into Vietnam’s consumer finance firms to get a slice of the fast-growing market.

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