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Vietnam > Economy

City calls for foreign investors to further contribute to sustainable growth

24/04/2018 07:21 | 0 comments

HCM City authorities told members of the foreign community at a meeting on last Saturday that they warmly welcomed foreign investment that has significantly contributed to the city’s sustainable and rapid growth.

Vietnam > Economy

Vietnam’s FDI attraction: which sectors to prioritise?

17/04/2018 09:13 | 0 comments

Vietnam has very good achievements in foreign direct investment attraction, however, it needs to change its strategy and orientation to focus on the necessary sectors to improve efficiency.

Vietnam > Real Estate

Finance Ministry proposes new housing tax

17/04/2018 08:54 | 0 comments

The Ministry of Finance has proposed a tax on houses depending on their construction value as part of a draft law on property tax.

Vietnam > Real Estate

HCM City fire hurts condo market

11/04/2018 14:44 | 0 comments

The deadly fire that occurred at the Carina Plaza tower in HCM City on March 23 is likely to set back the apartment market but only for a short period, experts forecast.

Vietnam > Real Estate

Lack of upmarket office space makes HCM City red hot for developers

09/04/2018 13:30 | 0 comments

The HCM City office market is rife with opportunities for property developers, especially the grade A and B segments which have been labouring under a shortage for the last couple of months, experts said.

Vietnam > Economy

With Grab buying Uber, can VN firms compete?

07/04/2018 16:52 | 0 comments

Grab’s acquisition of Uber opens the door for Vietnamese businesses to enter the ride-sharing market, said Khuat Viet Hung, vice chairman of the Viet Nam National Safety Traffic Committee.

Cambodia > Industries

A sector too big to fail?

05/04/2018 07:54 | 0 comments

Cambodia’s garment sector is the backbone of the country’s export-driven economy and employs 86 percent of all factory workers. But the sector faces threats from increasingly competitive regional neighbours, the inevitable shift to automation and the potential loss of preferential trade agreements.

Vietnam > Industries

Exporters urged to meet strict food safety standards

04/04/2018 09:43 | 0 comments

Vietnamese enterprises should strive to meet strict new food safey requirements from importing countries, especially choosy markets like the US, Japan, South Korea, and the EU, speakers said at an international seminar held on April 3 in HCM City.

Vietnam > Real Estate

Condotels concerning to experts

02/04/2018 07:28 | 0 comments

Despite being one of Vietnam’s most sought-after second home property types, condotels are prompting a number of concerns among investment experts.

Vietnam > Finance

Banks tighten lending to prevent real estate bubble in Ho Chi Minh City

31/03/2018 15:56 | 0 comments

Banks in Ho Chi Minh City are raising the bar on real estate loans to stop a property bubble resulting from hiking land prices on the outskirts.

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