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Vietnam > Finance

VAT refund process needs simplifying: experts

08/12/2017 13:20 | 0 comments

Experts have urged simplifying the procedures to receive refunds on value-added tax (VAT) for foreign tourists.

Vietnam > Economy

Policy changes pose obstacles for foreign investors

08/12/2017 08:11 | 0 comments

Although foreign direct investment (FDI) has played an important role in boosting Viet Nam’s economic growth, recent changes in policies and regulations, which are not consistent with international best practices, have exposed many foreign investors to considerable risks and obstacles in executing their investments.

Vietnam > Economy

Korean investors enjoy much success in Viet Nam

06/12/2017 09:11 | 0 comments

Korean Kim Heung Soo, CEO of Daekwang Maika Co., Ltd based in HCM City and Daekwang Apparel JSC in Binh Duong Province, said he had been in Viet Nam for almost 25 years and his business is “very good.”

Vietnam > Economy

Work still to be done on EU trade deal: experts

29/11/2017 10:01 | 0 comments

The EU-Viet Nam Free Trade Agreement, set to be signed next year, will benefit both sides, a workshop heard in HCM City on Tuesday.

Vietnam > Economy

Law battles non-state corruption

28/11/2017 09:41 | 0 comments

Publicly held companies, credit organisations, and investment funds in Vietnam may be subject to the new Law on Anti-Corruption, whose draft is currently under discussion by the National Assembly.

Vietnam > Economy

VN needs tech updates to remain competitive: experts

27/11/2017 09:34 | 0 comments

Innovative manufacturing is key to increasing productivity and sustainability as Viet Nam confronts the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) challenges, experts say.

Vietnam > Economy

Economy needs breakthrough firms

22/11/2017 09:33 | 0 comments

The Vietnamese economy needs “breakthrough businesses” to improve competitiveness and the quality of GDP growth, experts said at a conference held in HCM City on Tuesday.

Vietnam > Real Estate

Property market stays strong

21/11/2017 08:13 | 0 comments

Strong economic growth since 2015 has created a thriving domestic property market that is likely to continue next year, said Construction Minister Pham Hong Ha.

Vietnam > Industries

VN foodmakers urged to up quality

17/11/2017 09:52 | 0 comments

Vietnamese food producers need to focus on improving product quality, invest in new technologies and build brands to meet consumer demand and increase export value, experts said at the Vietnam Food Forum held in HCM City on Thursday.

Vietnam > Economy

VN economy needs new drivers for growth

16/11/2017 09:05 | 0 comments

The Vietnamese economy urgently needs to find new drivers for growth in the period from 2018-20 to achieve rapid but sustainable development, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue said at a conference held by the Viet Nam Academy of Social Sciences in Ha Noi on Wednesday.

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